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Calling Stored Procedure with UDT table parameter in Entity Framework 6

I recently had need to drastically decrease the number of database round trips being made in an application that reads and saves input from csv files.Prior to this the application had seen mostly small csv files with a few hundred lines, but that number recently jumped into the 10s of thousands so you can imagine […]

Loading a Telerik Report in .Net Core 3.1

In intend to demonstrate embedding a Telerik report in a .Net Core 3.1 AspNetCore application in this post. It will follow a simple formula. Set up the startup class, write the report controller, add the report viewer, GO! The complete code for this application can be found on github here. Some things you need: NuGet […]

Distance Between Point And Line in .Net Core 3.1

Ok, fair warning, this is far simpler than I anticipated. However, as with many things, the value for me was in the research. And I could find a particularly clear example with a simple Google search, so I figure I’d throw one into the ether and see if it can help someone in the future. […]

Linear Regression with Math.NET and .Net Core 3.1

I recently decided to dust off an old stock data analysis tool that I build a couple years ago and have been updating some code to use readily available tools more, as opposed to hand rolling loads of code for math that i could do easily by hand but would inevitably be buggy and need […]

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